40% of Amazon’s revenue comes from their recommendation engine.

Online experiences are personalized, but their physical counterparts are not.

The same content plays regardless of who’s looking. It’s about the store and its products, not me, my interests, style and preferences.  There is not enough personal relevance. Until now.


Love at First Sight

The mirror that sees you and recommends based on your look.


Quick & easy

No need to login or checkin. It’s like looking at a mirror but much more fun.


customer aknowledgment

This is not a browser behind a mirror,
it’s a mirror that sees you.



A mirror that gives you the lipstick that matches your scarf



the color that complements your outfit, or this month's trend.



From the first crush to a long lasting relationship



Minimalist and elegant design that integrates digital display, mirror and touch enabling film seamlessly.